The Four Leading Causes of On-The-Job Transportation Related Deaths
Case Study
Trucking Company Learns Seatbelts Save Money and Lives

A Texas trucking company with a fleet of long-haul vehicles had a problem. The cost of accidents had increased dramatically because of injuries experienced in even minor collisions. Worse, two drivers had died during the past year when they were ejected from their vehicles. The problem? Some drivers weren’t wearing their seatbelts.

Like most other states, Texas law requires everyone in a vehicle—drivers and passengers—to wear a seatbelt. Still, many drivers, management discovered, did not fear being caught and, even if they were pulled over, they did not consider the consequences to be severe enough to justify buckling up during their trips.

So the firm increased the consequences. To demonstrate how seriously they took seatbelt use, they made buckling up a company requirement. Drivers were prohibited from starting any vehicle until the seatbelt was fastened. Any person caught not wearing a seatbelt could face severe reprimands, including termination. After the policy was announced, it was posted inside the cab of every company vehicle.

Over the next year, injuries from traffic accidents decreased significantly and there were no fatalities. The company’s efforts protected their employees and lowered the cost of doing business.

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  • Mandate that no vehicle on the lot can be started until the seatbelt is fastened.
  • Make sure seatbelts on all company vehicles are in good, working order.
  • As a matter of routine, buckle up before you start the engine.
  • Make sure seatbelt is positioned properly across your waste and chest.
  • Remind the driver to buckle their seatbelt every time you ride with them.
  • Attach a “Buckle Me” note to the seatbelt on the night before the driver begins a trip.
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